Safety Pin t-shirt design

Following the Brexit vote there was an uptick in xenophobic violence. The idea was to wear a safety pin as a signal that you were a safe person to sit beside or talk with for people that may be feeling vulnerable. The symbol has cropped up in the United States post-election as we've seen a similar rise in hateful rhetoric and action. As one person stated: "I wear a safety pin to show that immigrants, refugees and anyone else threatened by the hate & fearmongering of Trump and many of his supporters can know that I care and will do all I can to combat xenophobia, racism, sexism, and ablism."

Don't stop with the safety pin, though. Stand up against racism and Islamophobia, affirm that #BlackLivesMatter, have that uncomfortable conversation with your friends and family. Get involved with local nonprofits and find ways to actually be an ally instead of just advertising yourself as one.

Any proceeds from this shirt will be donated.

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