The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) "has been controversial regarding its necessity, and potential harm to the environment. A number of Native Americans in Iowa and the Dakotas have opposed the pipeline, including the Meskwaki and several Sioux tribal nations. In August 2016, ReZpect Our Water, a group organized on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, brought a petition to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Washington, D.C. and the tribe sued for an injunction. A protest at the pipeline site in North Dakota near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation has drawn international attention in response to the thousands of people who are protesting the pipeline construction and how they have been treated by local and state authorities." (Wikipedia)

Protests to the DAPL "have drawn international attention and have been said to be 'reshaping the national conversation for any environmental project that would cross the Native American land'". (Wikipedia)

Any designer proceeds from this shirt will go to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and/or organizations that are directly involved in the #NODAPL protests.

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